Terms & Conditions

Swanage Glamping Terms and Conditions

Admission to Swanage Bijou Glamping implies a commitment to uphold the rules of the park which set out general standards of conduct and behaviour expected. Any person in breach of these rules may be asked to leave the park with no refund. The warden is entitled to refuse admission when deemed necessary even when a prior booking has been made.

Swanage Bijou Glamping is an ancillary operation run in conjunction with Swanage Golf Games and the site shall be operational for golf games activities while the camping is in operation (in a separate area unused for golf purposes.)  One round of any Golf Games activity for your whole party is included free in your camping fee.

Glamping bookings are essential to avoid disappointment in our busy summer season.  To make a booking please mail us via our booking form to check availability and pricing.  Alternatively you can call us first on 01929 426809 or 07729 423780 to go over your requirements and obtain a verbal indication of costs.  We shall confirm the available space and if you wish to proceed with the booking please send to us a deposit of 50% via BACS transfer (our bank details shall be on our responding e-mail) together with your full details as per the booking form.  When you have received our e-mailed (or telephone call if specified by yourselves) confirmation of receipt of your deposit you can relax and know your space has been secured. Our address for all written correspondence is Swanage Bijou Glamping, Victoria Avenue, Swanage, Dorset, BH19 1AR.

Your booking includes your 5 meter bell tent, equipped as per our website for the persons and extras as described by you in your enquiry and subsequent correspondence and one free round on the Swanage Golf Games course.

Your security deposit of £200 is to act as a guarantee against late night noise (and may be forfeit in full or in part if noise is deemed to be excessive) and to offset accidental or purposeful damage to your bell tent together with any of the other items and furnishings provided by Swanage Bijou Glamping both inside and outside of your tent, including, but not limited to, burns, stains, spillages, breakages, damage from your fire or bar-b-q or loss of items.  Deductions shall be made for the full replacement cost of the item(s) and are not limited to the £200 deposit.  In cases where the damage incurred is greater than £200 for repair or replacement, an invoice for the balance for the satisfactory repair or full replacement shall be sent to the customer booking the bell tent who, by having accepted these terms and conditions, accepts they shall pay such amount in full within ten working days of the receipt of such notice.  

Under normal summer conditions a grass car parking space will be provided as part of your booking, however extreme weather is beyond our control and if this were to occur it may be possible that a temporary alternative arrangement for your vehicle may have to be made.  Should this eventuality appear likely we shall make reasonable efforts to keep you updated and resolve parking issues.. 

Please note reservations made in this fashion are contractual and we must be notified of any changes or cancellations two weeks in advance of your stay to avoid you incurring any admin or cancellation charges.  

Late cancellation costs may be charged for less than two weeks’ notice to date changes or cancellation at the discretion of the management.   All bookings can be changed, cancelled and varied as often as you need free of charge if done so more than one month before your arrival date.

Kirkwood Park are not liable for refunds or expenses you incur in the event they are prevented from fulfilling your Booking as a result of circumstances beyond their control. Such circumstances shall include (but not be limited to) war, terrorism, riots or civil unrest, industrial action, flooding, natural disaster, epidemics, health risks or such similar events (“Force Majeure”). We recommend that you have adequate holiday insurance in place to cover this.

All bookings are made in strict compliance of our site noise policies which are, hushed voices from 10pm near the ablutions, 11pm elsewhere and silence everywhere from midnight and quiet (especially for children and dogs) until 8a.m. the breaking of which may forfeit both your camping fee and your opportunity to remain on the site.

Unless otherwise agreed, secure bookings require a 50% deposit and the full balance for your stay is due in cash upon arrival at our site.  Deductions in the event of a ‘no show’ or a notice of cancellation not being received by us in a timely fashion may be made against that deposit.  WE ONLY ACCEPT BACS PAYMENTS FOR DEPOSITS.  BALANCES PAYABLE ON YOUR ARRIVAL MAY ONLY BE MADE WITH CASH.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT CARD PAYMENTS.

Should Swanage Bijou Glamping require to cancel or change a booking for any reason notice shall be given by e-mail and all deposits re-paid in full.  There shall be no further compensations payable for any reason.

Please ensure all of your booking details, including contact details, dates, numbers of vehicles, people, children, tents and any other pertinent information like gazebos or awnings, additional ‘pup’ tents and trailers are included with all bookings sent to us so we can accurately quote for the cost of your stay and record and fulfil your space requirements.

If you make a booking a contract exists between you and Swanage Bijou Glamping whether you have made a reservation whether by post, e-mail or over the telephone.

All Bookings are available from Friday 26th July, most days in August.  Please send an enquiry to us for confirmation of availability for the dates of your holiday. 

Please note that we now operate a high and low season pricing structure with high season prices allotted to Carnival week and August bank holiday.

Reception is normally open from 9 am to 5.30 pm although we stay open later on fridays to help with weekend arrivals.   Customers without a reservation may still be able to stay depending on space availability but no guarantee of this can be made.  Payment of the full amount due in cash on arrival applies in every case but if arriving when the reception is closed please set up quietly and come to reception at your earliest convenience.

Stays may be extended, space permitting – come and talk to us as soon as you know you wish to extend and we shall do what we can to assist you.  We are an understanding lot but refunds will not normally be given for early departure unless special circumstances can be shown and not for poor weather.

Note. As a courtesy to our neighbours we ask visitors to keep car movements to a minimum. 

Access to the camping area is by foot only.  We advise you carefully consider the (about) 40 meter walk over rough ground to and from your tent prior to booking and do not recommend this site if you have any member of your group who cannot easily walk this distance in the near dark. Footbridges must be navigated and while these are safe a torch will be a useful tool to aid crossing.  There are no formal foot-paths due to the seasonal nature of the site.

Departures:  We are pretty relaxed about this but tents should be vacated by 10 am for cleaning and cars should normally be vacated from the site by 12.00am (this deadline must be met on our last camping day or when the site is particularly busy)   Should you have plans for your leaving day and wish to leave your car with us, then please let us know and we shall do our best to accommodate you – you may incur a further night’s charge if you don’t keep us informed.

Payment of balances on arrival are to be by cash only and made before accessing the site.  We cannot accept payment through credit or debit cards.

Site Rules – in brief.

Late night noise.  Everyone is asked to be aware of our noise policies which are hushed voices from 11pm (10 pm in the vicinity of the ablutions), SILENCE from midnight and hush before 8am. 

Groups: Single sex or young groups of four or more people shall only be accepted if this has been agreed by prior arrangement.

All group bookings shall incur a fully returnable noise bond security payment.

Bar B Q’s and SMALL fires are permitted in the vicinity of your tent either off the ground or placed on the off ground steel trays provided free by us, but only if attended to at all times, prior to midnight and when weather conditions (not windy or very dry) are suitable. Please read and adhere to our ‘open fires’ page on our website.

Cycling and ball games other than golf games are not possible (unless small and informal) within the park however about 20 acres of adjoining public park land more than adequately caters for these activities with football pitches, free children’s adventure playground, modern skateboard park and safe dog walking areas.

Generators and air conditioners are prohibited.

Dogs are very welcome but must be on a lead at all times (so there is no opportunity for them to do what dogs do without their owner noticing!) and must not foul the site or be left on the site or in cars unattended.

Please re-cycle whatever you can – it is good for us – good for you – and good for your children’s world.  Recycling buckets and separate hoppers are provided to make it easy-peasy!

When making a booking please print this page for your reference.

This might seem a lot of bothersome stuff but really we just want you (and us!) to know what you are getting, how to get it, to enjoy your stay and to be as informed and relaxed as possible! 

Thank you. 🙂


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Checkin & Checkout Times

As your tent may have to be got ready for another customer all stays commence at 4.pm. and your tent must be vacated by 10am.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes unforeseen events happen however we reserve the right to keep deposits for any reservation if not given one month’s notice in writing (e-mail). The early leaving of the site shall not obtain a refund unless over-ruled at the managers’ discretion.

House Rules

We try to run a simple campsite without too many fussy rules however we do insist on a noise policy of hushed voices from 11 p.m. and silence from midnight. We also request children and dogs to be kept quiet until 8am.  If they are boisterous please take them to the park next door! Fires must be located in the tray provided and at least three meters away from any tent. No open flames or smoking are allowed in the tents, and no generators please!

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